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about my mom’s secret blog

So my mom does this thing.

She writes blogs, like full on writing-like-you’ve-got-an-audience type stuff. And she absolutely loves it—my mom and blogging, they’relikethis.

And I realize that the concept of a mom writing a blog isn’t exactly original. (Hello Dooce.) But what my mom does with hers is pretty unbelievable.

I guarantee you’ve never seen a blog like my moms.

Mostly because it doesn’t exist.

Yep my mom doesn’t have a blog—at least not one that’s been properly published.

My mom writes blog posts all right. But then, instead of publishing them online, she simply e-mails the copy to family and friends. Once read, the orphan post simply lives in the inbox, collecting digital cobwebs.

I’ve talked to mom about this a lot. “Mom,” I say, “why don’t you just set up a blogspot and actually post this stuff you’ve already written?”

She tells me she plans on doing it eventually, but I can tell the idea of interfacing in technology is a little scary, because she quickly changes the topic to her tomato plants. “[Sneaky Pete],” she says, “you won’t believe it, they’re eight feet tall!”

And I do believe it. My mom nurtures those plants just like she did for me and my siblings.

This is My Mom’s Secret Blog. It’s a secret because she doesn’t know about it. I want the world to relish Mom’s musings. So from my inbox to the Internet, that’s where her blogs are going.

And lucky you, you get to read it all here.

If my mom had a blog it would be a lot like this one. I hope you enjoy it.

So, do you plan to tell her about this blog eventually?

Yes. But I'm not sure when. I've got lots more content sitting in a que.

This is a cute idea. I'm sure your mom would enjoy her secret blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh yes....carry on....I`m intrigued.


How deliciously sneaky. I look forward to reading your moms "posts". You have done a lovely job here, it looks great, Im sure mom would be proud!

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