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Rainy Days and Mondays Sometimes Get Mom Down

My mom is retired from the job she held for 20 years. Her new job is to enjoy life. And she mostly does, except when it comes to taking care of the Irish Setter my parents inherited when my sister moved out.

I received this post in my e-mail this morning:

You have heard the song [Rainy Days and Mondays]. You may also share that familiar feeling as well. Though I don't live anywhere near a river or lake, I have had a small creek flowing down my driveway at various times. Weird weather, weird times.. The air is getting colder, ummm, not unlike our very cold late Spring temperatures. Sure I know, the Fair starts tomorrow, and what would the Fair be without the rain?

The garden is winding down, the rain has beat some of my lovely flowers to a tangled mess. Happily the majority of my flower friends are still giving me a glorious display. If you had hoped to stop by this summer, whelp, the show is about over for this season. The tomato plants in the greenhouse are turning yellow, sadly, the tomatoes themselves are still a lovely shade that I like to call "fried green tomato". No, I have never actually fried green tomatoes, but have seen the movie many times, maybe even enough times to give the recipe a try. And the raspberries, good Lord, how can one pick all of them before they rot or fall on the ground. Sheesh... I also did manage to mow the lawn yesterday, one of only "2" kinda sunny days in the last 2-1/2 weeks. (I have dog stuff on one of my lawnmower tires, from the dog yard to prove it.) But I digress...

The Grandgirls are great. Paige is my raspberry-eating girl, Lilly prefers strawberries. I had borrowed Paige's bucket from the toy box the other day and used it to pick some berries. When Paige saw it, she gave me a pretty stern
look. All was forgiven when she spotted the raspberries I was sharing with her. Now you and I know that raspberries will sometimes have small critters, bugs to be exact. Paige was enjoying her bounty that she didn't even have to pick herself, when I hear this ear piercing scream. I came around the corner from the kitchen to see Paige shaking both her hands, and shrieking something unintelligible. So Grandma saved the day, removed the offending leaf (not a bug this time), and my darling went back to consuming her beloved berries. When her mom came in later that day, and took a couple berries, she came into the kitchen to wash an actual bug off. Meg spells "b-u-g" so Paige won't know. Paige looks at me and let's me know that her mom is "washing a bug". She didn't need to know how to spell it to guess what her mom was doing.

Some of you are wondering "how" I am doing these days. Well, mostly fine, but it seems that retirement has intensified some tendencies. Take temper for instance, mowing the lawn/dog stuff. The conclusion I come to, at that moment, is the dog must die. A bit overstated, Lizzie is safe, no worries.

My wonderful man asked me today if he could make a suggestion about chicken soup without me going over the edge. Sad he should have to ask, but truly, he did need to add the addendum. The suggestion was good, and I didn't have to forgo chicken soup making for the next 20 years. I remember years ago, when I had purchased Thom a pair of marvelous moose hide slippers. They had this elastic strip across the top that held the slippers snug on ones feet. Thom made a statement like, "the slippers are a little tight." I told him I could help that and proceeded to cut the elastic with scissors. Of course, they no longer fit, cause they were too lose now. (I really wasn't sorry for dis-membering the slippers at the time). I have been pretty good for a lot of years, keeping my ornery self too busy/stressed to act up. Well island time/menopause has allowed some of those tendencies to come back.

So mostly I am pretty excellent, sometimes my "tourretts"comes out. Like yesterday, I am washing the window with a very long extension tool and it slips. Most of you have never heard me use the words that came out, and inanimate objects can not be offended, so why do that. (Ok some of you have heard me say them, a couple of times). ... Anyway, it was just there.

So, today I am just here. Missing you all. Wishing you love, laughter, and good times.

Hi Sneaky Pete

Thanks for visiting my blog. I`d thought maybe you`d stopped posting. Now I see you haven`t :)
I`m enjoying reading your Mom`s blog.
What a great title!
I`m adding you to my links.

God bless you too

What a wonderful lady she seems to be, Love a dry wit!
Thanks for your comments at my site.

Sneaky Pete, glad to see you kept writing.

Lovely post. I HAVE eaten fried green tomatoes and I must say that I like them if they are not greasy. They remind me a bit of fried okra. That's another traditional southern dish.

Hope you are all doing well.

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